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Loser (Team 201)


A man who gets neglected at home and at work. The loser´s rebellion has now begun.

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Loser (Team 201) Chap 33
Loser (Team 201) Chap 34
Loser (Team 201) Chap 35
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Wildarius Holder 13:07 - 03/12/2018
So he Go fire my boi like he ain't shit but he gone regret it soon tho cause with out my boi he ain't shit.... He'll see soon????
roth ray 09:48 - 04/21/2018 Chap 31
chapter 29 30 31 broken
Wildarius Holder 22:52 - 04/23/2018 Chap 31
I love loser but I'm miss pervert club????????
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