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Brawling Go


Read Brawling Go Manga Online Sized hero is trying so-called impotent . But I am given the opportunity of a life reversed the accident triggered the sinking ... but not this time ?! Do not even worry ... ... hell even worry eojjeorago ! The main character Jae-Jin in Brawling Go Manga has problems getting an erection, but he gets a lucky opportunity that changes his life... except this time, his boner wont go away?! What is he supposed to do??

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Heaven Manga 07:55 - 09/12/2017 Chap 97
Eric Setiawan Winoto 23:09 - 01/07/2018
Is this chapter error?
Quang Huy 15:51 - 03/18/2018 Chap 97

@Eric Setiawan Winoto what chap bro ? I do not think there are 116 chap

Eric Setiawan Winoto 23:10 - 01/07/2018 Chap 96
Can u fix this chapter plzz?
Heaven Manga 06:12 - 01/08/2018 Chap 97

@Eric Setiawan Winoto Fixed emo

Eric Setiawan Winoto 23:10 - 01/07/2018 Chap 96
Fix this xhapter plz
Bryan Adams 00:26 - 04/13/2018 Chap 70
Fix this Chap Plz
Bryan Adams 00:26 - 04/13/2018 Chap 70
This chapter needs fixing as well.
Bryan Adams 00:28 - 04/13/2018
^ that was meant for chapter 71
Bryan Adams 00:29 - 04/13/2018 Chap 72
Chap 72 needs fixed
Bryan Adams 00:46 - 04/13/2018 Chap 73
seems like every chapter after 69 needs fixing.

intermittent fixes from Chap1 to 69

whoever links these things in, can you guys please make sure they work before you let it fully post.

ive been missing a good chunk of the art and story because of the little "not available" symbol.
damien clark 09:24 - 04/24/2018 Chap 119
right!!! Mi-Jin only comes when the situation is like dropping this shit
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